Episode #2: Ryan Anderson – Mentoring High School Students in The Peoria Area

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Episode #2: Ryan Anderson - Mentoring High School Students in The Peoria Area

July 30, 2019

Regional Campus Life Director for Youth For Christ, Ryan Anderson is my guest on the show today. In addition to being one of my good friends, he is also a tremendous asset to the community.

Ryan talks about how he, and his team of ministry leaders, mentor, guide and befriend what he describes as "lost" teens in need of hope. Youth For Christ's mission is to reach every lost teen in Central Illinois by consistently and enthusiastically sharing the Gospel through authentic, Christ-sharing relationships. In turn, they hope to see students who participate, go on to reach out to their lost friends, and mentor them.

Ryan has seen many high school aged kids rise from rock bottom in their lives, to a place of hope, due to their relationship with their Youth For Christ leader.

He's dedicated his life's work to positively impacting high school students in the area, and during this episode he goes into detail about how he, and his team, do just that.

Resources Featured In This Episode:

You can find out more about Ryan and Youth For Christ here:



Ryan’s email: randerson@yfcpa.org

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