Episode #3: Shawn Hayes – The Real Estate & Economic Climate in Peoria

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Episode #3: Shawn Hayes - The Real Estate & Economic Climate in Peoria

August 2, 2019

Owner of Principle Property Management and real estate investor Shawn Hayes, is my guest on the show today. I've known Shawn since all the way back in kindergarten. In fact, he was a large part of the reason that I moved to Peoria, back in the summer of 2000.

Shawn brings a unique perspective to the show because he is both a business owner, and a real estate expert. He has been involved in the Peoria area real estate market for well over a decade and he is here today to discuss the current economic and real estate climate in the Peoria Area, as well as what the future might bring for both.

We also discuss how sometimes Central Illinois gets lost in the seemingly daily hits of bad Illinois press, and what Peorians can do about it.

Shawn even schooled me to some new businesses that have popped up here in recent years during the interview.

Resources Featured In This Episode:

You can find out more about Shawn’s business at: 


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