Episode #7: Taylor Little - How She Turned Three Miscarriages Into A Nationwide Resource For Women Struggling With Fertility Problems & Miscarriages

September 15, 2019

Taylor is a mother of one, a devoted wife and the Children's Ministry Director at Church 2:14 in Peoria.

She and her husband David have struggled with fertility issues in recent years, and they have also overcome three separate miscarriages.

People sometimes wonder why God would allow such difficult things to happen to faithful followers, such as Taylor and David. While no one really knows the exact reason(s), Taylor and I discuss some possible answers to that difficult question.

This episode is simply about how Taylor turned grief, sorrow and hardship, into a valuable, positive initiative for women currently suffering through what she overcame.

Taylor is a glowing example of how to turn a difficult set of circumstances into an opportunity to help others.

Resources Featured In This Episode:

You can find out more about Taylor and her initiative online at: www.connectinghope.faith 

Or email her directly at TaylorL@church214.org

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