Making Finance Fun with Rockie Zeigler

Are the stock markets going to crash in 2020? No one knows with any degree of certainty, including me. However, anything can happen, especially during an election year. In this episode I go over 5 things that could cause a market meltdown in 2020.

If you own a 529 college savings account, 401(k), IRA or inherited IRA, then you may notice some changes this year and beyond. The SECURE ACT was passed by congress and signed by President Trump late last year.

How should you invest your money when the stock markets are at, or near, all time highs? I go over a few strategies and ideas for you in this short episode. 

In this special Christmas episode, Rockie reveals his top 5 favorite Christmas songs and top 5 Christmas movies of all time. 

Feel free to agree or disagree, but either way, let us know your top 5 songs and movies for the Christmas Season!

Did you know that there are over 20 new taxes and tax hikes scheduled to hit Illinoisans Jan 1st, 2020? 

In the spirit of the season, in this episode, I talk about the top 10 things I’m thankful for in 2019. Five things professionally and five things personally.

I’ve been in this business for 12 years, and I’ve worked with clients from all walks of life. Both in terms of wealth, and in terms of age. With that said, I’ve noticed that I get similar questions from many of my clients regardless of their situations. 

How does the Federal Reserve lowering interest rates affect your investments? I explain in this short episode. 

Derick & I get into some uncomfortable, but necessary discussions about his views on the African-American culture and what he feels needs to change.

One the hot topics right now, both on Capital Hill and on Wall Street, is a possible Presidential impeachment. 

When considering buying a mutual fund, or any investment for that matter, it’s important analyze them properly.

In this episode we go over what the stock market actually is, what the S&P 500 is, and what the Dow Jones Industrial Average is. 

This episode is simply about how Taylor turned grief, sorrow and hardship, into a valuable, positive initiative for women currently suffering through what she overcame. 

Despite the recent fad diets such as Keto, The Atkins Diet and the South Beach Diet, Craig has been able to run a growing, profitable and predominately carb centric business.

So, is there an imminent recession on the horizon? The yield curve has inverted, what does that mean for the economy and the stock markets?

Melissa Grunow is the author of I Don’t Belong Here: Essays (New Meridian Arts Press, 2018) and Realizing River City: A Memoir (Tumbleweed Books, 2016).

Shawn brings a unique perspective to the show because he is both a business owner, and a real estate expert.

Ryan talks about how he, and his team of ministry leaders, mentor, guide and befriend what he describes as “lost” teens in need of hope.

A preview of what this show is going to be all about. 

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